reencle vs lomi composter

Lomi Vs Reencle: 2 Different Ways to Tame Your Household Food Waste

The Two most popular home kitchen composters go head to head. We reviewed and Tested The Reencle Prime and Pela’s Lomi Composter to compare and Rate them to find which at-home composter works perfectly with your lifestyle and kitchen layout. We’ll break down the features and key differences between the reencle vs lomi composter and show you what makes each electric kitchen composter stand out above the other. We have pros, cons, and all the in-betweens, so sit back and smell the fresh compost.

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reencle vs Lomi composter

Reencle Composter Vs Lomi Composter: A Food Fight over Food Scraps

I don’t know about you, but I feel guilty throwing out food scraps and everyday food waste into my food waste bin and just letting it sit there.

Not only is converting food waste into beautiful finished compost for your window plants or garden veggies, but using an everyday garbage pail instead of any sort of compost bin sure makes for a stinky kitchen.

In a world where the convenience of technology meets the urgent need for sustainability, the electric composter stands at the forefront, offering a hassle-free solution to the age-old food waste problem.

Among the champions of this green revolution are two standout devices that have carved their niches in the hearts of environmentally aware households: the Lomi Composter and the Reencle Food Waste Composter.

Lomi and Reencle have emerged as key players in the at-home composting world. Their rise in popularity is a testament to a growing trend: the desire to live more sustainably without sacrificing the comforts of modern living.

I have fully tested and reviewed these beautiful machines, from their operational efficiency to ease of use, cost, and overall performance; we’ll lay out everything you need to know to decide which composter best fits your eco-conscious kitchen. If you need a full review on Reencle, I have that here.

Reencle Vs Lomi Composter

Reencle and Lomi Composters

Electric composters have emerged as a game-changer for food waste management, especially for those who prefer a greener kitchen without the hassle of traditional composting methods.

I want to compare the two leading contenders and give you my honest opinion: the Lomi Composter and the Reencle Composter.

Both devices promise to revolutionize how we handle kitchen scraps, but which one truly stands out for the eco-conscious home chef?

Lomi Composter

Lomi Composter

Ideal for those who appreciate quick cycles and intelligent technology, Lomi’s composter reduces waste volume significantly, operates quietly, and includes an app to track environmental impact.

Boasting a sleek design coming in 3 different color choices, Lomi transforms almost any type of food waste into nutrient-rich compost with ease.

I swear I have been throwing almost anything and everything in this machine, from vegetable skins to the occasional avocado pit.

It’s designed for those who value efficiency and sustainability, featuring a process that reduces waste volume by up to 80%.

This countertop composter, when in operation, is whisper-quiet. I’m talking super quiet down to a tiny hum, and it’s equipped with a connected app to monitor your environmental impact.


  • Efficient Processing: Quickly turns most food waste and Lomi-approved bioplastics into compost (Really Almost Anything)

  • Innovative Technology: Offers app connectivity for tracking and insights with an absolutely beautiful user interface

  • Odor Management: Dual-filter design helps neutralize odors effectively. I have thrown the most awful rancid food scraps into this thing, and you can’t smell a thing.

  • Starter supply of LomiPods and
Filters FREE

  • Refills for LomiPods and Filters every three months

  • FREE device upgrade every three years


  • Price: High upfront cost may be a barrier for some. But I think the value you are getting with the starter pack and free device upgrades is outrageous. Also, your garden will thank you come springtime.

  • Smells: Although it claims to be smell-free, a lot of users claim they can smell a vinegary odor as the process gets further

  • Maintenance: Requires a lot of Love in the form of replacement filters and microorganisms

  • Capacity: It is not the biggest compartment, so it may not be suitable for large households or heavy use.

  • Once the Machine is On, you must let it run its course, and this thing can get hot! Pull it out onto the counter and not up against your wall.

Reencle Composter

Reencle Composter

Reencle’s standout feature is its ReencleMicrobe™ technology, which accelerates the decomposition of food scraps into compost at an incredibly rapid rate compared to his Lomi Friend.

Coming in a choice of 2 colors, this device is perfect for the eco-warrior looking for a low-maintenance solution to food waste.

Its silent operation and daily processing capacity make it a formidable opponent to Lomi, with the continuous composting feature topping it all off.


  • Continuous Composting: Can handle a steady stream of food waste. Even if your electric composter is already on and churning, you can easily lift the lid to add more chicken to the pot so to speak and keep it going.

  • Innovative Technology: Utilizes unique microbes for faster decomposition. I’m talking remarkably fast.

  • Silent Operation: Very quiet, almost barely noticeable hum when the machine does its thing. Operating under 28dB.

  • 3-layer filter system for odor-free composting

  • Low maintenance ReencleMicrobe™

  • Starter Pack Comes with two carbon filters, a compost pack, and a handy shovel


  • Maintenance: Requires regular checks of the filter system. Although it rarely needs to be changed.

  • Smells: lifting the lid to add to the continuous compost heap brought out a steamy stench you can almost taste. Could you add more food waste with caution?

  • Learning Curve: Some users may need time to adjust to the composting process, especially if they had a cheaper one before this. So Many new and Exciting features.

Breaking Down the Details

Cost and Value:

Choosing Composters based on Price

Lomi: With a Price tag starting at 499.00, the Lomi website offers an additional $100 off, bringing the price down to 399.00, and comes with a lifetime warranty when you sign up for the subscription service of $60 every three months that needs to be locked in for a year which I found to be a little weird. Lomi starts you off with a bigger starter pack to get the ball rolling and the compostable waste churning with cheaper options on Amazon.

Reencle: Coming in at a Whopping 499.00, the reticle home composter might seem expensive, but only your initial costs hurt the pockets, and the $35 a month subscription service can be canceled anytime. Unlike the Lomi, where you need to switch out the carbon filter every few months, the Reencle prime is as low maintenance as a food composter can be, where the filter only needs to be changed once a year.

Both composters are not cheap and might seem steep at first glance. However, considering the long-term savings on waste disposal and the benefit of producing your own. Compost, they can be seen as valuable investments in a sustainable lifestyle and save you money over time.

Operational Efficiency:

Adding coffee grinds to composter

Lomi: Popular among users for its fast and efficient cycle, which can turn scraps into compost overnight. The Lomi composter uses “aerobic decomposition, ” which uses microorganisms to break down organic materials.

When fed occasional food waste, these microorganisms instantly transform into dehydrated food, mixed and cooled into the perfect high-quality fertilizer compost soil.

Reencle: Advanced innovative technology that focuses on the continual breakdown of food waste, accommodating up to 2.2 lbs of scraps daily, making it slightly more versatile for larger households.

Huge compost bins on at-home electric composters are unheard of, yet the Reencle delivers with a monster. The large bin allows for continuous composting, so you can keep adding without ever having to turn the switch off.

Setup Simplicity and Maintenance:

adding food scraps to composter

Both units pride themselves on being user-friendly with minimal setup required, but you quickly discover that you won’t be jumping into composting right out of the box.

They both come with a unique set-up user guide on adding your microorganisms with the Reencle requiring you to let them grow for about a week before adding your first load of food scraps.

Maintenance is also straightforward, with Lomi needing occasional cleaning and filter replacements and replenishing the microorganisms. Reencle’s filter system requires regular checks to ensure odor-free operation, especially if you open that lid a lot to add more.

Overall Performance:

Mom and daughter using food composter

The Lomi Composter is ideal for those who are looking for a quick, efficient, and tech-savvy way to compost that gets small jobs done at a rapid rate, while the Reencle Composter appeals to users who prioritize continuous larger composting capabilities and innovative decomposition technology that allows continuous composting

Final Verdict

Choosing Composters

Choosing between the Lomi and Reencle composters involves personal preferences and specific needs.

Lomi might be your best bet if you’re attracted to smart technology and quick composting cycles. It’s small and sleek and looks great on any countertop.

However, if you prefer a system that can handle a steady stream of food waste with groundbreaking technology at large capacities, Reencle could be the way to go.

It’s a no-brainer that these electric composters offer a sustainable solution to managing kitchen waste, making them invaluable tools for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Regardless of your choice, integrating one of these devices into your home is a step forward in embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

FAQ and Additional Information

Does Reencle actually compost?

Reencle Food Composter

Yes, Reencle actually composts. It utilizes a specific process involving tested microbes to turn food scraps into real compost.

This method is designed to reduce food waste significantly, creating organic, natural compost while also aiming to reduce harmful methane emissions that occur when food waste is sent to landfills.

The Reencle food composter can sustainably dispose of up to 2.2 lbs of food scraps per day, and depending on usage, you may only need to empty it once every 1-3 months​​.

Reencle stands out from any other revive electric kitchen composter because it effectively makes compost, not just dehydrated food scraps.

While it cannot handle every type of kitchen waste (for example, large bones or fish guts are not recommended), it is well-designed and easy to use.

It utilizes bacteria to transform waste into compost. This makes it an ideal device for individuals who want to compost but cannot access an outdoor garden​​.

How much electricity does Reencle use?

Choosing Composters based off electric usage

The Reencle composter has a power consumption of 1.25 kWh daily, which breaks down to approximately 0.052 kWh per hour.

This translates to an estimated monthly electricity cost of about $2, making it an energy-efficient option for composting food waste at home​​.

This low energy usage makes Reencle an attractive option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint without significantly impacting their electricity bill.

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