Finding The Best Food Dehydrator To Dry Mushrooms: Expert Reviews and Tips

In mushroom dehydrating, these five contenders showcase the best in innovation, functionality, and affordability. I’ve rigorously tested them all, So You Don’t have to. My easy-to-follow buying guide will have you drying those fantastic fungi in no time.

best dehydrator for mushrooms

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The Mushroom Whisperer with Temperature Control

In the cozy chaos of my home kitchen, I’ve discovered the magic of dehydrating mushrooms – turning them from simple ingredients into flavor-packed superstars. I’ve Tested, Reviewed, and Dried all sorts of Mushrooms just to find the perfect tool for your needs, and I’m here to set you straight on the Best Dehydrator For Mushrooms.

Today, I’m spilling the beans (or should I say dried mushrooms?) on my top 5 food dehydrators that will rock your kitchen world. This isn’t your typical product review; it’s a backstage pass to the wild ride of drying mushrooms into the perfect form to make your own mushroom powder or take your Lion’s Mane Risotto to the next Level.

I honestly, for one, love watching the entire drying process. dehydrating food is satisfying, but dried mushrooms can be used in many ways.

By Removing the excess moisture and extending the shelf life of more food, you can save money and expand your culinary creations, like trying to dehydrate fruit for fruit rolls.

From the sleek upgrades of Magic Mill to Excalibur’s professional swagger, Hamilton Beach’s budget-friendly charm, Brod & Taylor’s space-saving wizardry, and NESCO’s precision temperature control – we’re diving into a world where dehydrators become your kitchen accomplices.

Prepare for a rollercoaster of temperature control, tray shuffles, and kitchen innovation. So, whether this is a Surprise Gift for a family member or a treat for yourself, buckle up because we will find the perfect mushroom dehydrator for you! This isn’t your grandma’s cookbook – it’s a manifesto for turning your mushrooms into moisture-free rockstars.

The real magic isn’t just in the magic mushrooms; it’s in the journey of culinary exploration. Welcome to my kitchen – where every bite tells a story, and every dehydrator has a tale to share.

What to Look For When Buying a Dehydrator?

Food Dehydrator

So, you’ve caught wind of the dehydrator craze and are ready to elevate your kitchen game. Before you make that culinary investment, let’s set off on this quest to uncover the secrets of what to look for when buying a dehydrator. What makes the best dehydrator for mushrooms?

1. Temperature Tailoring

First things first – the precise temperature control. Your dehydrator is the master conductor in the symphony of the temperature range. Look for one with adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to fine-tune the heat from a gentle breeze to a flavor-preservation furnace.

Mushrooms, like any prima donna, have their preferred climate and want the correct temperature! A Digital Thermostat is also available on some models.

2. Tray Versatility

Trays are the unsung heroes of the food dehydrator realm. Seek machines with adjustable trays, accommodating the delicate slices of shiitake and the hearty portobello caps.

3. Airflow Ballet

Airflow is the dance partner your mushrooms never knew they needed. Opt for dehydrators with a horizontal airflow system – it ensures each mushroom gets evenly dry from the heating element.

4. Size Symphony

Nine trays, four trays, or one?? A compact dehydrator might be your kitchen soulmate if it’s a cozy nook. But, if you’re whipping up mushroom delights for a crowd and need to dehydrate large quantities, go big or go home!

5. Timer Tango

Time is a precious ingredient in any kitchen endeavor. Dried mushrooms can be very time-consuming. Look for a food dehydrator with a timer feature, letting you set it, forget it, and focus on other culinary escapades. A good dehydrator may have a digital timer.

6. Wattage Wonders

Wattage isn’t just a number; it’s the horsepower behind your dehydrator’s performance. Higher watts translate to quicker drying – perfect for those moments when impatience gets the better of you.

7. Bonus Round – Dehydration Delights

Some dehydrators have a little extra flair and versatile dehydrator trays – think fruit roll-up sheets, parchment paper, non-stick screens, and maybe even a recipe guide. It’s like getting a surprise gift with your kitchen purchase. A food dehydrator can be the gateway for elite gourmet food items, not just to dry your mushrooms.

8. Reviews: The Wisdom of the Masses

Before sealing the deal, consult the oracle of online reviews. What are your fellow culinary adventurers saying about the dehydrator in question? Their experiences might save you from a kitchen drama.

Why Dehydrate Mushrooms?

Dehydrated Mushrooms

So, why would you want to dehydrate mushrooms, you ask? Because it’s not just about cooking; it’s a flavor-packed adventure, a mason jar pantry revolution, and a sustainable kitchen journey.

1. Flavor Intensity:

Think of dehydrating mushrooms as turning up the volume on their savory notes. The process concentrates their flavors, creating an intensified taste that’s a game-changer in your dishes.

2. Shelf Life Magic:

Fresh mushrooms can be a bit delicate. Dehydrating transforms them into shelf-stable wonders. No more worrying about mushrooms going south in the fridge.

3. Culinary Chameleons:

Dehydrated mushrooms are the shape-shifters of the kitchen. Risottos, soups, teas, stews – they can do it all. Once dried, these fungi become flavor-packed magicians, ready to elevate your dishes to gourmet status.

4. Small but Mighty:

Picture this – a tiny jar bursting with the mighty power of dehydrated mushrooms. They take up minimal space but hold a universe of flavor.

5. Eco-Friendly Elegance:

It is not just about flavor; dehydrating mushrooms is a sustainable kitchen love affair. It’s a way to bid farewell food waste and embrace a culinary practice that respects the planet.

Fresh Mushrooms
Dehydrated Mushrooms

Fresh vs completely dry or. dehydrated mushrooms – a culinary clash sparks worldwide debates in kitchens. The key is knowing when to unleash the freshness and when to tap into the concentrated power of dehydrated magic.

Fresh Mushrooms: The Culinary Darlings

Lion's Mane Mushrooms

1. Texture Delight: Fresh mushrooms bring a delightful, succulent texture. Their juicy, plump nature adds a certain mouthfeel that’s hard to replicate.

2. Immediate Gratification: Fresh mushrooms are the go-to for impromptu culinary creations. No need for rehydration – just slice, dice, and they’re ready to mingle with other ingredients in your dish.

3. Visual Appeal: Let’s not underestimate the aesthetic charm of fresh mushrooms. Their vibrant colors and robust forms lend a visual appeal that elevates the presentation of any dish.

Dehydrated Mushrooms: The Flavor Connoisseurs

Dehydrated Mushrooms

1. Intensified Flavor Symphony: Dehydrating mushrooms is like cranking up the volume on a flavor playlist. The process concentrates their taste, creating an intensified, umami-packed profile that adds a depth of flavor to your dishes.

2. Pantry Warriors: Dehydrated mushrooms are the unsung heroes of pantry storage. They don’t demand immediate attention and can patiently wait their turn to shine in your recipes.

3. Culinary Versatility: These dried wonders are culinary chameleons. From risottos to soups and beyond, their dehydrated form allows them to seamlessly integrate into a variety of dishes.

The Verdict: It’s a Tie!

Fresh mushrooms bring texture and immediate satisfaction, perfect for spontaneous creations. On the other hand, dehydrated mushrooms boast intensified flavor and pantry longevity, ideal for the strategic planner in the kitchen.

What is The Best Hydrator For Mushrooms?

Mushroom Dehydrator

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – the top 5 dehydrators that’ll take your fungi game to the next level. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of features, benefits, and all the quirky details that make these dehydrators stand out.

I’ve tested countless dehydrators, and I’m thrilled to share my top picks, each with its flair and personality. Get ready to dry some mushrooms!

1. My Top Choice (Best Overall):
Magic Mill Food Dehydrator

Key Benefits

  • Digital Wizardry: Adjustable temperature and timer control with 9 numerical increments for precise drying.
  • Spacious Elegance: 11 stainless-steel drying racks accommodate a variety of fruits, herbs, vegetables, and meats.
  • Family-Friendly: Ideal for large families, gardeners, sports enthusiasts, and health-conscious home chefs.
Rating 5/5

Magic Mill has upped the ante with its 11 stainless steel trays, providing 30 extra inches of drying space. It’s not just a dehydrator; it’s a sleek, modern marvel with a digital temperature control ranging from 95 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit. This machine is a must-have for any home kitchen, perfect for creating everything from dried fruit slices to mouthwatering beef jerky.


  • Extra drying space with 11 trays.

  • Horizontal airflow ensures uniform drying.

  • BPA-free for a healthier dehydrating experience.


  • It might be considered a bit pricey for beginners.

Conclusion: Magic Mill enchants with its upgraded design, making it my top choice. It’s not just a dehydrator; it’s a culinary sidekick that transforms ordinary ingredients into extraordinary delights.

2. Best Professional: Excalibur Electric Food Dehydrator

Key Benefits

  • Hyperwave Technology: Patented technology for faster, nutrient-rich dehydration.
  • Versatility at Its Best: Ideal for food, jerky, fruit leather, yogurt, nuts, and even bread.
  • User-Friendly: No tray rotation needed, thanks to horizontal Parallex drying.
Rating 4.8/5

Excalibur’s 3926TCDB is a symphony of efficiency for those who demand professionalism in their kitchen. With 9 trays providing 15 square feet of air drying in space, it’s a powerhouse for preserving nutrients and flavors.

Key Benefits:

  • Hyperwave Technology: Patented technology for faster, nutrient-rich dehydration.

  • Versatility at Its Best: Ideal for food, jerky, fruit leather, yogurt, nuts, and even bread.

  • User-Friendly: No tray rotation needed, thanks to horizontal Parallex drying.


  • Large drying capacity with 9 trays.

  • 26-hour timer for precise control.

  • Made in the USA with quality materials.


  • Slightly bulkier design compared to others.

Conclusion: Excalibur’s offering is a testament to professional-grade dehydrating, making it an essential tool for serious home chefs.

3. Best On a Budget: Hamilton Beach Digital Food Dehydrator

Key Benefits

  • Affordable Excellence: Budget-friendly without sacrificing performance.
  • Adjustable Thermostat: Customizable drying temperature from 100 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Compact Yet Powerful: Perfect for kitchens with limited space.
Rating 4/5

For the frugal yet flavor-conscious, Hamilton Beach delivers affordability without compromising quality. This 5-tray wonder brings the art of dehydration to your kitchen without breaking the bank.


  • 48-hour timer with auto shutoff.

  • Continuous airflow for even drying.

  • Includes fine-mesh and solid sheets for versatile drying.


  • Limited drying space with 5 trays.

Conclusion: Hamilton Beach proves that you don’t need to splurge for quality, offering an excellent dehydrator for the budget-conscious home chef.

4. Best Space Saver: Brod & Taylor SAHARA Folding Food Dehydrator

Key Benefits

  • Folds to Perfection: Reduces to 1/3 of its size for easy storage and travel options.
  • Automated Control: Dual time/temperature controls for efficient drying.
  • Fresh Air Guarantee: Washable air filter ensures contaminant-free dehydration.
Rating 4/5

In the world of dehydrators, space-saving innovation meets culinary prowess with Brod & Taylor’s SAHARA. Foldable and efficient, it’s a game-changer for those with limited kitchen real estate.


  • Over 11 square feet of drying area.

  • Automated dual time/temperature controls.

  • Foldable design for easy storage.


  • Pricier compared to non-foldable options.

Conclusion: Brod & Taylor’s SAHARA combines functionality with space efficiency, making it the go-to choice for kitchens with limited room.

5. Best Temperature Control: NESCO Gardenmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

Key Benefits

  • Consistent Heat Distribution: 1000 watts for even drying across all trays.

  • Expandable Delight: Up to 30 trays for large-scale dehydrating projects.

  • Converga-Flow System: No tray rotation needed for efficient drying.

Rating 4.5/5

NESCO’s Gardenmaster Pro stands out with its impeccable temperature control and expansive drying capability. With 8 trays and a powerful 1000 watts, it’s a very versatile appliance choice for home chefs who crave precision.

Key Benefits:

  • Consistent Heat Distribution: 1000 watts for even drying across all trays.

  • Expandable Delight: Up to 30 trays for large-scale dehydrating projects.

  • Converga-Flow System: No tray rotation needed for efficient drying.


  • Adjustable thermostat from 95°F to 160°F.

  • Includes accessories like Fruit Roll-up Sheets and Clean-a-Screens.

  • Robust Converga-Flow drying system.


  • Larger footprint compared to compact dehydrators.

Conclusion: NESCO Gardenmaster Pro elevates temperature control to an art form, making it my top pick for precision-oriented home chefs.

DEALicious Summary

From my favorite, the enchanting Magic Mill, with its upgraded design and spacious elegance, to the professional-grade efficiency of Excalibur’s 3926TCDB, these dehydrators bring their unique flair to the table.

Hamilton Beach proves that budget-friendly doesn’t mean compromising quality, while Brod & Taylor’s SAHARA unfolds as the space-saving marvel we’ve all been waiting for. Last but not least, NESCO Gardenmaster Pro steals the spotlight with impeccable temperature control.

So, whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen adventurer, these dehydrators are here to turn your ordinary mushrooms into extraordinary delights.

Step-by-step guide to dehydrating mushrooms

Ingredients and Tools:

  • Fresh mushrooms of your choice (cleaned and sliced)

  • Lemon juice (optional, to prevent browning)

  • Dehydrator

  • Knife

  • Cutting board


1. Choose Fresh Mushrooms: Select fresh mushrooms at their peak. Common varieties like button, cremini, or shiitake work well. Clean them thoroughly to remove any dirt.

2. Slice the Mushrooms: Slice the mushrooms uniformly to ensure even drying. A thickness of around 1/8 to 1/4 inch works best. If you’re dealing with larger mushrooms, adjust the thickness accordingly.

3. Optional Lemon Juice Bath: Soak the mushroom slices in water and lemon juice to prevent browning. This step is optional but can help maintain the mushrooms’ visual appeal.

4. Preheat the Dehydrator: Preheat your dehydrator to a temperature between 125°F and 135°F (52°C to 57°C). Different dehydrators may have varying temperature settings, so refer to your specific model’s guidelines.

5. Arrange Mushrooms on Trays: Lay the mushroom slices on the top tray of dehydrator trays in a single layer. Ensure they are not overlapping to allow proper airflow for even drying.

6. Dehydrate: Place the trays in the preheated dehydrator and set the timer according to your dehydrator’s specifications. Depending on thickness and moisture content, mushrooms generally take 4 to 8 hours to fully dehydrate.

7. Check for Dryness: Periodically check the mushrooms for dryness. They should be leathery, not brittle. If you bend a slice, it should crack but not break. Larger slices may take a bit longer to dehydrate fully.

8. Cool and Store: Once dehydrated, allow the mushrooms to cool to room temperature. Store them an airtight container or vacuum-sealed bags. Keep sealed container with the dehydrated mushrooms in a cool, dark place for optimal shelf life and away from direct sunlight.


  • Uniform Slicing: Aim for uniform slices to ensure consistent drying.

  • Seasoning: Add seasonings like salt, pepper, or your favorite herbs before dehydrating for extra flavor.

  • Experiment: Try dehydrating different mushroom varieties to explore a range of flavors and textures.

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