The Best Stand Mixer Is Out There and Cost Less Than 100 Dollars

Don’t Break the Bank To Get The Job Done! If you’ve ever wondered how Chefs and bakers like us manage to work kitchen magic, let me introduce you to the superstars of our show – My Top 5 Best Affordable Stand Mixers under $100!

best affordable stand mixers under 100

Having been a chef for many years, I’ve had the chance to discover that most expensive, big-name stand mixers don’t deliver the value they promise!

This isn’t just a typical guide; it’s a journey of culinary enlightenment. Drawing from over three decades of experience in various professional kitchens, I can tell you that you don’t have to break the bank for a fancy brand.

Let me open the door to my kitchen wisdom and explain why mixers should hold a special place on your kitchen countertop.

We are going to find the right mixer for you and save you a ton of money in the Process so whether you are looking for an Smart mixer, a dash tilt head stand mixer, a KitchenAid mixer alternative, or just a Mixer on a Budget, we found the help you need.

Get ready to effortlessly whip up a storm of Apple Cider Donuts or some Fresh Zucchini Cookies.

Why drain your bank account on a high-end Hamilton Beach or Kitchenaid stand mixers when you can embrace the magic of the best affordable ones?

We’re flipping the script on expensive KitchenAid mixers and dreams and dishing out the ultimate secret – you can snag a top-tier performer without the price tag shocker.

Best Affordable Stand Mixers Under $100

KitchenAid Alternative or Stand Mixer Takeover?

$500 for an electric mixer is absolutley insane and if you are new to baking I’m sure you aren’t planning on emptying your pockets on a passion that might last the weekend.

This is also for the longtime bakers or professional home cook that doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of a fancy kitchenaid mixer with 20 speeds and a cool logo. I’ve tested, reviewed, ranked and rounded up a legendary list of the best stand mixers around that are kind to your culinary aspirations and gentle on your wallet – all for a cool price of under a hundred bucks.

Time to crank up the excitement because we’re about to unveil the five best affordable stand mixers here to make your kitchen dance and your bank balance sing.

The Best Affordable Stand Mixers are your ticket to a whirlwind of culinary fun, ready to electrify your kitchen adventures and sprinkle a touch of baking magic into every delectable creation.

How Did I Test The Best Electric Stand Mixers?

I methodically tested various models, breaking down the criteria to ensure I found the perfect culinary companion. Through this comprehensive testing process, I not only found the best electric stand mixer under $100 but also added a reliable and efficient partner to my culinary journey.

  1. Performance:
    • Motor Power: I meticulously examined the wattage of each mixer, ensuring that it aligned with the demands of professional and home kitchen tasks.
    • Speed Settings: Assessing the number of speed settings, I sought versatility to accommodate a wide range of recipes.
  2. Capacity:
    • Bowl Size: Considering my experience with varying batch sizes, I scrutinized the bowl capacities to ensure they met the demands of my culinary creations.
  3. Attachments and Accessories:
    • Included Attachments: I paid careful attention to the attachments, looking for a comprehensive set to enhance the mixer’s versatility.
    • Compatibility: Ensuring easy attachment and detachment, I explored additional accessories to expand functionality.
  4. Build Quality and Durability:
    • Material: Drawing on my experience, I assessed the construction material for durability, favoring stainless steel or robust plastic.
    • Construction Quality: I examined the overall sturdiness, knowing that a well-constructed mixer would withstand the rigors of frequent use.
  5. Design and Ergonomics:
    • Aesthetics: Considering my kitchen’s ambiance, I factored in the design and color options, aiming for a mixer that complemented my space.
    • Ease of Use: My assessment included the user interface, ensuring intuitive controls for a seamless cooking experience.
  6. Noise Level:
    • Decibel Rating: Mindful of a calm kitchen environment, I sought information on the noise level, aiming for a quieter operation.
  7. Size and Storage:
    • Compactness: Given limited kitchen space, I evaluated the size of each mixer, favoring those with a compact design.
    • Cord Length: I considered the length of the power cord to ensure convenient access to kitchen outlets.
  8. Brand Reputation:
    • Customer Reviews: I delved into customer reviews, relying on the experiences of others to gauge the reputation and reliability of each brand.
  9. Warranty and Customer Support:
    • Warranty Period: Aware of the importance of warranty, I considered the duration offered, leaning towards mixers with more extended coverage.
    • Customer Service: My evaluation encompassed the brand’s customer service reputation, emphasizing the need for prompt and helpful support.
  10. Price and Value for Money:
    • Comparison: I meticulously compared prices against features, ensuring that each mixer offered value for money in terms of performance and included accessories.

What Are The Best Affordable Stand Mixers Under $100?

Metal Bowl Mixer

My journey through professional kitchens and home cookery has afforded me an intimate understanding of various mixers and equipment.

I embarked on a mission to find the best electric stand mixers under $100, leveraging my seasoned palate and discerning eye for kitchen innovations.

Now, let me take you through the exhilarating experience of testing, ranking, and reviewing these culinary workhorses from the perspective of a chef who knows the ins and outs of both restaurant and home kitchen landscapes.

1. (BEST OVERALL) CUSIMAX 5 QT Electric Stand Mixer

Cusimax Electric Stand Mixer

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  • Features: Three speeds, Powerful 400 Watt Motor, a Splash Guard, a Huge 5 Quart Stainless Steel bowl with 3 Attachments; The Dough Hook, a Batter Paddle, and a Wire Whisk. Easy Tilt button, easy release, adjustable slide, dishwasher-safe. I also Really Love the Non-Slip Feet

  • Motor: 400 watt

  • Size: 5 quarts

  • Weight: 2.65 pounds

  • Dimensions: 12.7″D x 13.8″W x 9.4″H


  1. Versatile Mixing Range: The Cusimax 5-quart Electric Stand Mixer boasts an impressive 400-watt motor, providing ample power for a broad spectrum of mixing tasks. This mixer’s motor ensures consistent and thorough results, from light and fluffy egg whites to the stickiest bread dough.

  2. Comprehensive Attachments: This stand mixer has a dough hook, mixing paddle, and wire whisk attachment. These versatile tools cater to different culinary needs, enabling you to effortlessly tackle a variety of recipes, from bread-making to cake batter.

  3. Hands-Free Convenience: Designed for hands-free operation, the Cusimax Electric Stand Mixer allows you to multitask while your ingredients are expertly combined. This feature enhances efficiency in the kitchen, making meal preparation and baking a breeze.

  4. Stable and Secure: The non-slip suction feet keep the mixer securely in place during use, preventing any unwanted movement. This stability is especially beneficial when handling thicker dough or heavier mixtures.

  5. Adjustable Speed Control: With variable speed settings ranging from minimum to maximum, you have precise control over your mixing endeavors. Whether gently folding ingredients or kneading dough, you can select the optimal speed for each task.

  6. Complete with Splash Guard: The inclusion of a splash guard adds a practical touch to the Cusimax Electric Stand Mixer. This feature helps contain ingredients, preventing splatters and messes while ensuring a cleaner mixing experience.


  1. Storage Considerations: Given its 5-quart capacity and the assortment of attachments, the Cusimax Electric Stand Mixer might require sufficient storage space. This is important to bear in mind for those with limited kitchen storage.

  2. Noise During Operation: Similar to many stand mixers, the Cusimax model might produce noise, particularly at higher speeds. While this is a common trait of such appliances, individuals sensitive to noise might take note.

Why It’s the Best Choice When Looking for a Stand Mixer on a Budget:

The Cusimax Electric Stand Mixer with 5 Quart Wide Bowl is an exceptional choice for the Best Affordable Stand Mixer #1 Overall Spot! Combining a powerful 400-watt motor, comprehensive attachments, and user-friendly features. Including a dough hook, mixing paddle, and wire whisk attachment bowl lift stand mixers ensure versatility in culinary endeavors, catering to novice bakers and seasoned chefs.

Its hands-free operation, facilitated by the splash guard, contributes to a smoother and more efficient cooking process. The stability of non-slip suction feet enhances safety, mainly when dealing with denser mixtures.

With adjustable speed settings and a robust motor, this mixer offers the precision and power required for various recipes.

In sum, whether you aim to cream butter, craft artisanal bread or whip up a fluffy cake batter, the Cusimax Electric Stand Mixer is primed to be your trusty sous-chef, delivering consistent and delectable results with every use.

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2. (MOST OPTIONS) FIMEI 5.5 QT Electric Stand Mixer

Fimei Electric Stand Mixer

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  • Features: Six speeds, three accessories included, sturdy, low-noise model, splash guard, tilt-head design, safe lock for bowls, suction cups for stability, 360 Stirring

  • Motor: 500 watt

  • Size: 5.5 quarts

  • Weight: 9.26 pounds

  • Dimensions: 9.06″D x 11.81″W x 13.39″H


  1. Premium Stainless Steel Build: The FIMEI Powerful Stand Mixer is constructed with 304 food-grade stainless steel, ensuring safety and purity for your family. This choice of material avoids any harmful coatings that could compromise food quality.

  2. High-Performance Motor: Boasting a 500W high-performance motor, this mixer offers robust power for various mixing tasks. The incorporation of mechanical metal gears enhances transmission efficiency and durability.

  3. Reduced Noise Level: The mixer features a lower-noise motor design, producing approximately 75 decibels of noise, significantly quieter than traditional stand mixers. This ensures a more pleasant and less disruptive kitchen environment.

  4. 360 Degree Stereo Stirring: The innovative 360-degree stereo stirring mechanism mimics natural mixing, pressing, and simmering actions. This results in thorough and even dough mixing, facilitating smoother fermentation and more consistent results.

  5. Durable Ceramic Glaze: The addition of a ceramic glaze on the mixing heads enhances their durability and longevity, extending the lifespan of the mixer while maintaining performance.

  6. Combination Raising Knob/Security Lock: The inclusion of a combined raising knob and safety lock function simplifies operation and enhances safety. This feature streamlines the process of raising the mixer’s arm while ensuring secure usage.

  7. Anti-Oil Drip Cover: The unique anti-oil drip cover prevents oil and other substances from splattering during mixing, preserving the cleanliness and non-toxic nature of your food.

  8. 5.5 QT Stainless Steel Bowl: The mixer comes with a spacious 5.5 QT stainless steel bowl with handles, providing convenience and ease of handling during use.

  9. Tilt-Head Design: The tilt-head design allows quick and effortless attachment changes. By turning the locking lever and raising the mixer’s arm, different attachments can be installed within seconds.

  10. Splash Guard with Access Hatch: The mixer incorporates a splash guard with an access hatch, enabling you to add ingredients while processing without causing a mess. This feature adds practicality and cleanliness to your mixing experience.


  1. Bowl Size and Storage: The 5.5 QT stainless steel bowl may require a larger storage space than compact models. Users with limited kitchen storage should consider available space when choosing this mixer.

  2. Initial Learning Curve: New users might require some time to become familiar with the unique 360-degree stereo stirring mechanism and the various features of the mixer.

    The FIMEI Powerful Stand Mixer unveils a treasure trove of options catering to culinary enthusiasts of all levels. This mixer has everything from its steadfast stainless steel composition and potent motor to its inventive 360-degree stereo stirring mechanism and user-oriented attributes like the combination knob and safety lock. The ingenious addition of the anti-oil drip cover and the spacious stainless steel bowl further amplifies its versatility and user-friendliness. While considerations such as storage space and a slight learning curve may come into play, the FIMEI stand mixer effortlessly rises above, presenting an enticing selection for those who crave a dynamic, multifaceted kitchen ally.

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3. (MOST PROFESSIONAL) Techwood 6 QT Electric Stand Mixer

Techwood Electric Stand Mixer

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  • Features: Well-known brand, non-slip, removable splatter shield, dishwasher-safe, six speeds, three attachments, sturdy stainless steel, professional sleek rank

  • Motor: 400 watt

  • Size: 6 quarts

  • Weight: 12.87 pounds

  • Dimensions: 17.1 x 14.5 x 11.5 inches


  1. Affordable Cost: The standout advantage of this electric stand mixer is its budget-friendly price point, making it an accessible choice for those seeking quality without breaking the bank.

  2. Generous Bowl Size: The mixer boasts a spacious bowl that comfortably accommodates large batches, enabling the preparation of substantial quantities of cookies or even cheesecake ingredients.

  3. Sturdy Metal Gears: Including metal gears contributes to the mixer’s durability and efficient mixing performance, enhancing its longevity.

  4. Variable Speed Selection: The mixer offers a versatile array of speeds, including a turbo pulse option, granting users control and flexibility over their mixing processes. The presence of a splash guard adds an extra layer of convenience.

  5. Comprehensive Attachments: With three valuable attachments, the mixer’s versatility is elevated, allowing users to tackle various culinary tasks efficiently.

  6. Ease of Use and Cleaning: The mixer’s user-friendly design ensures hassle-free operation and swift attachment changes, accompanied by easy cleanup.


  1. Plastic Housing: The mixer’s plastic housing may be perceived as lacking in durability or sturdiness compared to other materials.

  2. Suction Cup Limitation: The effectiveness of the suction cups on various surfaces is inconsistent, potentially limiting stability in certain settings.

  3. Rough Machining: Some users have reported rough machining on the guides’ tracks, resulting in an audible rubbing or scraping sound during operation.

  4. Plastic Controls: The speed-control knob and release lever are plastic and might raise concerns about their long-term durability.

  5. Limited Additional Attachments: The absence of readily available after-market attachments could restrict the mixer’s potential for expanding its functionality.

The pros of this electric stand mixer significantly outweigh its cons, positioning it as a compelling choice for both novice and experienced bakers.

While certain drawbacks like the plastic housing and potential noise issues exist, the mixer excels in critical areas such as its sturdy metal gears, generous bowl size, versatile speed selection, and comprehensive attachments.

Its ease of use, cleaning convenience, and appealing color choices further contribute to its appeal. Despite its limitations, particularly the rough machining and plastic controls, the mixer’s affordable price, coupled with its impressive performance and user-friendly features, make it a standout contender in the compact mixer market.

For those prioritizing value and practicality, this speed stand mixer thus emerges as an unbeatable option that warrants serious consideration.

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4. (BIGGEST BOWL) COSTWAY 7.5 QT Electric Stand Mixer

Costway Electric Stand Mixer

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  • Features: six speeds, Easy Grip Handle, anti-slip, dishwasher-safe, three attachments included, durable stainless steel, modern appearance, Insane Power and Monster Mixing Bowl

  • Motor: 660 watt

  • Size: 7.5 quarts

  • Weight: 12 pounds

  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 9.5 x 13 inches


  1. Powerful Performance: Boasting a robust 660 watts, this electric stand mixer packs a punch, effortlessly handling tasks from mixing to kneading and whipping, ensuring efficient and quick culinary creations.

  2. Generous Work Bowl: With a spacious 7.5-quart work bowl, this mixer provides ample space for preparing large batches of ingredients, making it ideal for everyday cooking and special occasions.

  3. Versatile Attachments: Including three attachments – a flat beater, dough hook, and whisk – enhances the mixer’s versatility, allowing it to cater to a wide range of food mixing needs.

  4. Precision Control: The mixer’s six adjustable speeds grant precise control over mixing operations, enabling users to adapt the machine to varying recipes and ingredients with ease.

  5. Tilt-Head Design: The tilt-head design, facilitated by an easily controlled knob, provides convenient access to the bowl, simplifying attachment changes and ingredient addition.

  6. Comprehensive Attachment Set: The availability of three distinct attachments ensures compatibility with diverse food types and preparation methods, catering to novice and experienced chefs.

  7. Splash Guard: Incorporating a splash guard helps maintain kitchen cleanliness, preventing splatters and spills during the mixing process.

  8. Large Stainless Steel Bowl: The spacious 7.5-quart stainless steel bowl, complete with a handle, accommodates sizable quantities of ingredients while offering durability and easy cleaning.

  9. Convenient Handle Design: The inclusion of a handle on the bowl enhances its portability, allowing for easy and efficient movement during cooking and preparation.


  1. Size and Storage: The generous work bowl size and powerful motor might require additional storage space in your kitchen, particularly for users with limited countertop or cupboard space.

  2. Noise Level: While not explicitly mentioned, the powerful motor might generate more noise compared to lower-wattage models. This is a common characteristic of powerful stand mixers.


This Costway electric stand mixer impresses with its substantial power, large work bowl, versatile attachments, and precision speed control. Combining a tilt-head design, splash guard, and thoughtful handle design further enhances its usability and practicality.

While potential drawbacks include additional storage space and a bit noisy due to the powerful motor, the mixer’s expansive capabilities, particularly its generous work bowl and range of speeds, make it a standout choice as a great Stand Mixer for serious home cooks and culinary enthusiasts.

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5. (BEST FOR EVERYDAY USE) Kitchen in The Box Electric Stand Mixer

Kitchen in The Box Electric Stand Mixer

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  • Features: Six speeds, Ultra Lightweight, Quick and Easy Set up, Removable Stainless Steel Bowl with 3 Attachments: The Dough Hook, a Batter Paddle, and a Wire Whisk. Complete bowl coverage, Easy Tilt head button, easy release, adjustable slide, dishwasher-safe

  • Motor: 400 watt

  • Size: 3.2 quarts

  • Weight: 6 pounds

  • Dimensions: 12.9″D x 7″W x 10.2″H


  1. Compact and Lightweight: The Kitchen in the box Stand Mixer boasts a portable design, weighing less than 7lbs and measuring 12.9710.2 inches, making it easy to store in cabinets and an ideal space-saving solution for smaller kitchens.

  2. Variety of Colors: With a range of six colors, this mixer allows personalized aesthetics to match different kitchen styles and preferences.

  3. User-Friendly Operation: The mixer is designed for easy operation and cleanup. The tilt-head can be turned off while the mixer is running, enhancing safety, and the transparent anti-splash lid helps prevent messy ingredient splatters.

  4. Multiple Speed Options: Featuring six-speed settings, this Mini Mixer offers versatile mixing capabilities, suitable for a wide range of ingredients, from thick batters and dough to delicate mixtures like meringues and whipped cream.

  5. Stability during Operation: Equipped with four robust anti-slip suction feet, the mixer remains steady, minimizing movement or bouncing.

  6. Enhanced Attachments: Including upgraded attachments, including an aluminum dough hook, flat beater, and stainless steel whisk, ensures sturdiness and durability in mixing various ingredients.

  7. Convenient Cleaning: A gasket at the top joint prevents food residue from splashing into the joint, simplifying the cleaning process and ensuring thorough hygiene.


  1. Small Bowl Capacity: The mixer’s 3.2QT bowl is designed for new bakers, couples, or small families, which may limit its suitability for those handling larger batches or professional bakers.

  2. Material Constraints: The aluminium dough hook and flat beater, while lightweight and durable, cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher and require hand washing.


The Kitchen in the Box Stand Mixer impresses with its compact, lightweight design and versatile color options, allowing for personalized style choices in any kitchen. User-friendly features like the anti-splash lid and adjustable speeds make operation convenient and hassle-free.

unlike cheaper mixers Stability is ensured through anti-slip suction feet, while the upgraded attachments enhance other stand mixers’ durability and functionality. However, potential limitations arise from the mixer’s smaller 3.2QT bowl capacity, which is suitable primarily for new bakers or small households.

The material constraints of the aluminum dough hooks and other attachments also require careful hand washing. In essence, for those seeking a space-saving, aesthetically pleasing, and practical mixer for everyday use, the Kitchen in the Box Stand Mixer presents a viable option. However, users handling larger batches or desiring dishwasher-safe attachments may need to explore other alternatives.

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Navigating a Dough Hook Affordable Mixing Wonderland: Your Guide to Choosing the Best Affordable Stand Mixers Under $100!

  1. Power and Performance: Delve into the heart of the mixer’s motor power. Seek a balance between wattage and performance, ensuring it can masterfully knead, whip, and mix various ingredients, just like the Kitchen in the box Stand Mixer’s powerful 300W engine.

  2. Bowl Size and Capacity: Dive into bowl dimensions, like the Kitchen in the box’s compact 3.2QT stainless steel bowl. Consider your culinary aspirations – is it just for you, a duo, or a cozy household gathering? Opt for a size that suits your mixing ambitions.

  3. Attachments Galore: Explore the mixing attachments arsenal, just as the FIMEI Powerful Stand Mixer’s array of dough hook, flat beaters, and stainless steel whisks. Assess if they match your cooking repertoire – from kneading dough to whipping cream, ensure they’re your kitchen sidekicks.

  4. Speed Control Mastery: Like the versatile Mini Mixer’s six-speed options, your mixer’s control panel should be your command center. Will it cater to your gentlest stirs and your toughest blends?

  5. Stability and Safety: Much like the anti-slip suction feet of the Kitchen in the box, ensure your chosen mixer plants firmly and safely during operation. A splash guard, just like its transparent lid, keeps chaos at bay, promising mess-free magic.

  6. Durability and Build: Probe the mixer’s materials – from plastic to stainless steel, like the Kitchen in the box’s enhanced attachments.

  7. Space-Savvy Design: Contemplate the mixer’s footprint, like the compact Kitchen in the box that gracefully tucks away. Does it align with your kitchen’s dance floor?

  8. Colors that Speak: Like the stylish Kitchen in the box’s color choices let aesthetics serenade your soul. Pick a hue that resonates with your kitchen’s vibe and brings a dash of your personality into the mix.

  9. Versatility and Expertise: Like the adept FIMEI with its planetary rotations seek a mixer that can confidently tackle myriad recipes – from bread dough to whipped cream.

  10. User-Friendly Cleanup: Channel your inner neat freak and inspect the mixer’s cleaning routine. Is it a breeze to dismantle, wash, and assemble, just like the Kitchen in the box’s easy operation?

Embrace the journey of choosing the best stand mixer for the ideal. Best Affordable stand mixer performs all mixers under $100 – where power, precision, and affordability blend seamlessly, promising a symphony of mixing marvels in your kitchen domain!

best affordable stand mixers under $100

The Final DEALiciousness Verdict

Amidst this array of options, the CUSIMAX 5 QT Electric Stand Mixer emerges as the beacon of professional-grade performance, sleek design, and unyielding capacity. It is taking our Top spot on our Best Affordable Stand Mixers List. Its robust motor brings true professional vigor to your culinary creations, ensuring flawless mixing, kneading, and whipping. And let’s not forget the captivating grandeur of its capacious bowl, accommodating large batches with ease, making light work of even the most ambitious recipes.

So, in the grand finale, the CUSIMAX 5 QT Electric Stand Mixer takes center stage as your top choice, promising a harmonious blend of performance, aesthetics, and capacity. It’s not just a top KitchenAid stand mixer; it’s your culinary accomplice, ready to tackle every task with finesse and flair. Raise your kitchen endeavors to new heights with Techwood’s tilt-head stand mixer mastery – a decision that transcends the ordinary and embarks on an extraordinary culinary journey.

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FAQ and Additional Information:

Are standing mixers worth it?

This is a question that has likely crossed the minds of many home chefs and baking enthusiasts. Investing in a stand mixer is a decision that warrants careful consideration, as it involves both a financial commitment and the allocation of valuable kitchen space. Let’s delve into the factors that can help you determine if a stand mixer is genuinely worth it for you.

  1. Frequency of Use:
    • If you frequently engage in baking, cooking, or meal preparation that involves mixing, kneading, or whipping, a stand mixer can be a game-changer. It saves you time and effort compared to using handheld mixers, allowing for more consistent results.
  2. Versatility:
    • Stand mixers come with various attachments and accessories, such as dough hooks, flat beaters, and wire whisks. These versatile machines can perform a wide range of tasks, from mixing cookie dough to kneading bread dough, whipping cream, and even making pasta.
  3. Batch Size:
    • Stand mixers are ideal for handling larger batches of ingredients. If you frequently prepare food for a family or host gatherings, a stand mixer can help you tackle recipes that require significant mixing capacity.
  4. Precision and Consistency:
    • Stand mixers offer precise speed and mixing settings, ensuring consistent results. This is particularly valuable in baking, where precise mixing can affect the texture and rise of baked goods.
  5. Kitchen Space and Budget:
    • Consider the available space in your kitchen and your budget. Stand mixers, while versatile, can be bulky and come with varying price tags. Evaluate whether you have the room to store it and whether the investment aligns with your culinary goals.
  6. Handheld Mixer vs. Stand Mixer:
    • If you already own a handheld mixer and use it infrequently, you might question the need for a stand mixer. Assess whether the tasks you perform could benefit significantly from the upgrade to a stand mixer.

In conclusion, the worthiness of a stand mixer largely depends on your culinary needs, preferences, and lifestyle. If you find yourself baking or cooking frequently, working with larger quantities, and seeking precision in your culinary creations, a stand mixer can be a valuable addition to your kitchen arsenal. However, if you rarely engage in such activities, you might not fully capitalize on its capabilities. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision that should align with your cooking habits and goals.

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