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Discover Your Perfect Drizzle:
Top Olive Oil Subscriptions of 2024

Welcome to your virtual tasting tour of 2024’s finest olive oil subscription boxes. Each pick in this roundup is a taste of culinary excellence, promising to transform your kitchen with rich flavors and healthful benefits. Dive into my curated selection and discover the liquid gold that will become the heart of your cooking experience.

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Best Olive Oil Subscription
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

In my kitchen, olive oil isn’t just a vehicle for caramelization or salad dressing. That beautiful green gold elixir is my secret weapon to a slow-roasted lamb breast that makes my friends and family say…

Well, not a whole lot, actually! It’s the chorus of “Mmmmm” that speaks volumes. Flavors are brought to life by this simple yet extraordinary ingredient.

From the robust, peppery notes of a Tuscan extra virgin to the smooth, buttery finish of a Spanish variety, each bottle opens up a new realm of culinary possibilities.

I’ve whisked, drizzled, and sautéed my way through countless varieties, all to discover the crème de la crème of olive oil subscription boxes.

Whether you know your way around a professional kitchen or are just beginning to explore the wonders of cooking, these top 7 olive oil subscription boxes for 2024 are your ticket to elevating everyday meals into memorable dining experiences. I even heard a rumor that a tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach is great for acid reflux.

Let’s dive in and uncover the rich, liquid magic that these bottles hold!

My Top 3 Choices

What To Look For In Olive Oil Subscriptions?

When selecting an olive oil subscription, consider these crucial aspects to align with your culinary needs and preferences:

Best Olive Oil Subscription
  • Freshness & Quality: Transparency is crucial. Look for brands that disclose the harvest date, source of the olives, and processing methods. This transparency ensures you’re getting a fresh, high-quality product.
  • Educational Content: A good subscription provides educational materials, indicating the company’s expertise and passion for olive oil. This can enhance your knowledge and appreciation of the product.
  • Organic Certification: For those committed to a sustainable lifestyle, seek out brands that source from olive farmers practicing sustainable and regenerative agriculture.
  • Customization Options: Flexibility in a subscription is a sign of a good service. The ability to choose the frequency, quantity, and type of olive oil in each delivery allows for a tailored experience to suit your culinary needs.
  • Additional Perks: Consider subscriptions that offer more than just olive oil, such as other gourmet items or seasonal ingredients, for a more diverse culinary experience.
  • Price: When choosing a subscription, assess how you’ll use olive oil. Opt for budget-friendly options for everyday use, mid-range for diverse culinary experiences, and high-end for unique, gourmet selections.

With these key factors in mind, let’s dive into the individual olive oil subscriptions.

Each has unique offerings catering to varying palates so that every olive oil enthusiast can find their perfect match.

What Are The Best Olive Oil Subscriptions?

My Top Pick (Best Overall): Grove and Vine

Grove and Vine

Key Benefits:

  • Unmatched Freshness: Olive oils are no more than three months from harvest, ensuring peak flavor and quality.
  • Directly Sourced: The owner personally visits each harvest site at the time of pressing to create the blend, highlighting a commitment to excellence.
  • Select Producers: Carefully chosen from four of the best producers annually, guaranteeing a diverse and superior selection.

Grove and Vine sets itself apart with its dedication to freshness and quality. Each bottle is a testament to peak-harvested oils, personally blended by the owner when pressing, delivering an unparalleled quality olive oil experience.


  • An exclusive selection from world-class producers across both hemispheres.
  • Limited edition offerings provide a unique tasting experience.
  • Annual memberships bring the ease of auto-renew, ensuring a continuous supply of high-quality olive oil without any interruption in service.


  • Limited editions may not be available for reorder, emphasizing their unique, once-in-a-lifetime quality.

Bottom Line: Grove & Vine is ideal for those who appreciate the finest, freshest olive oils, offering a unique, high-quality culinary experience with each bottle.

Best For Home Cooks: Fat Gold

Fat Gold

Key Benefits:

  • Educational Focus: Each delivery is accompanied by their “fat gold zine,” providing in-depth knowledge about olive oil.
  • Quarterly Deliveries: Subscribers receive four deliveries per year, coinciding with the seasons.
  • Generous Quantity: Each delivery includes one 500ml tin, ensuring a steady supply of olive oil.

Fat Gold stands out for its commitment to making olive oil accessible and educating its customers. Aimed at transforming subscribers into olive oil experts, each delivery includes not just high-quality olive oil but also rich educational content. The quarterly deliveries – winter, spring, summer, and fall – each bring unique flavors and characteristics corresponding to the seasonal harvests.


  • Focus on education empowers home cooks to become more knowledgeable.
  • Seasonal varieties offer a diverse range of flavors and uses.
  • Unique collectible magnets with each delivery add a fun and engaging touch.


  • Only focused on Californian olive oil, this specialization means a deep investigation of the region’s unique olive oil profiles.

Bottom Line: Fat Gold is perfect for home cooks looking to deepen their understanding of olive oil while enjoying high-quality, seasonally diverse products. It’s an educational and culinary journey in every tin.

Best Organic: The Furies

The Furies

Key Benefits:

  • Certified Organic: Committed to supporting consumers who choose a sustainable lifestyle by adhering to organic farming practices for purity and environmental care.
  • Health Focus: Contains high levels of polyphenols, promoting wellness and longevity.
  • Collaboration with Dr. Hyman: Developed alongside a renowned health expert to ensure optimal health benefits.

The Furies Olive Oil is a testament to the excellence of organic olive oil production. Their partnership with health authority Dr. Hyman emphasizes a deep commitment to wellness, reflected in every aspect of their product. This olive oil is more than a cooking ingredient; it’s a choice for a healthier lifestyle, making it especially appealing to those who value both organic purity and nutritional richness. Makes a great gift for health enthusiasts and eco-conscious individuals.


  • Each batch is meticulously crafted to maintain the highest quality standards, ensuring a consistently superior product.
  • Versatile in use, perfect for both culinary applications and as a healthy supplement.
  • The company is extremely transparent in their process, openly sharing details about their hand-harvesting, cold-pressing methods, and direct sourcing, which guarantees the authenticity and traceability of their olive oil.


  • Given its organic and health-oriented production, it may be priced higher than conventional olive oils.

Bottom Line: The Furies Olive Oil is the ideal choice for those who not only seek premium organic olive oil but also deeply value farm-to-table food production that is both sustainable and transparent. It’s a perfect fit for eco-conscious individuals who want to support ethical practices while enjoying the health and culinary benefits of high-quality olive oil.

Best Customizable: The Olive Press Club

The Olive Press Club

Key Benefits:

  • Customizable Subscriptions: Options to choose frequency and type of products, catering to individual preferences. Subscriptions auto renew but you can cancel anytime.
  • Variety of Choices: Offers not only olive oils but also balsamics and gourmet pantry items.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Members receive a 25% discount on oils and vinegars during club shipment periods.

The Olive Press offers a standout subscription option, The Olive Press Club, known for its customization and variety. Alongside this, they provide two additional subscription choices: the “Daily Dose of EVOO,” focused on regular deliveries of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and the “Amphora Club,” which broadens the scope to include a range of gourmet pantry items. This selection of subscriptions allows subscribers to tailor their culinary experience to their specific tastes and needs, making The Olive Press a top pick for those who appreciate personalized and diverse culinary options.


  • Flexible subscription options, including frequency and product selection.
  • A broad range of high-quality products beyond olive oil.
  • Significant discounts and they offer free shipping on certain club options.


  • The opportunity to explore and discover new culinary delights beyond just olive oil via the extensive range of products and options might initially seem overwhelming.

Bottom Line: For those who value flexibility and variety in their culinary subscriptions, The Olive Press Club offers an unmatched customizable experience, perfect for enhancing any home pantry.

Best On a Budget: California Olive Ranch Club

California Olive Ranch Club

Key Benefits:

  • Cost-effective: Save money without compromising on quality.
  • Versatile Selection: Offers a range suitable for everyday cooking, from extra virgin olive oil to avocado blends.
  • Sustainable Practices: Committed to eco-friendly farming and milling, promoting responsible consumption.

California Olive Ranch offers an exceptional balance of affordability and premium quality. Their subscription is unique in providing access to both every day and reserve blends, making premium olive oils accessible for daily culinary use. Their commitment to sustainable practices adds significant value, appealing to eco-conscious consumers.


  • A versatile range that fits seamlessly into any home cooking routine.
  • Fresh, high-quality olive oil enhances the flavor of everyday meals.
  • Commitment to sustainability adds value beyond the kitchen.


  • While focused on Californian varieties, this range offers a dependable, high-quality selection, even if it doesn’t include exotic or ultra-rare oils.

Bottom Line: California Olive Ranch is an excellent choice for those seeking quality, affordability, and sustainability in their olive oil selection, perfect for everyday culinary explorations.

Best for Health Benefits: Brightland Olive Oil Subscription

Brightland Olive Oil

Key Benefits:

  • Health-Forward Approach: Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, this extra virgin olive oil caters to health-conscious consumers.
  • Quarterly Gifts: Exciting quarterly gifts and free shipping enhance the overall experience.
  • Variety: Brightland products also include specialty infused olive oils highlighting tasting notes of garlic, lemon, chili, and basil.

Brightland redefines the olive oil experience by focusing on health and flavor. Each oil, carefully crafted and named, is a celebration of wellness and taste. This subscription goes beyond the bottle, offering a journey that intertwines culinary enjoyment with health benefits, all while ensuring subscribers look forward to each unique and thoughtful delivery.


  • The high smoke point (410 degrees Fahrenheit) allows for healthier cooking methods, like air frying, while still preserving the oil’s nutritional value.
  • The olive oil is bottled in 100% recyclable UV-protected glass, which keeps it fresh and safe from air and light.
  • Each bottle is stamped with a “harvest date,” so you know exactly how fresh the oil is.


  • The combination of health focus and unique branding might cater specifically to a lifestyle-focused audience.

Bottom Line: For those seeking health benefits in their culinary oils without sacrificing flavor or enjoyment, Brightland stands out as the optimal choice, offering a harmonious blend of wellness, taste, and engaging experiences.

Best for Perks & Personality: Saratoga Olive Co. Seasonal Boxes

Saratoga Olive Co

Key Benefits:

  • Diverse Culinary Selection: Each box includes a variety of seasonal ingredients like flavored salts, balsamic vinegars, seasonings, chocolates, nuts, and more.
  • Seasonal Ingredients: Offers a broad range of quality products to explore new flavors and recipes.
  • Cost-Effective Subscription: Subscribers enjoy significant savings and shipping benefits.

Saratoga Olive Oil Co.’s Seasonal Boxes are a celebration of culinary diversity and seasonality. These carefully curated collections not only bring the finest olive oils but also an assortment of gourmet products that change with the seasons. This approach ensures a constant stream of new culinary experiences, perfect for those who love to explore and experiment in the kitchen or looking for the perfect gift.


  • Each gift box comes with recipe cards, providing inspiration and guidance for culinary adventures.
  • An annual payment option for free shipping adds convenience and enhances value.
  • The anticipation for each seasonal delivery creates a continuously refreshing and exciting culinary experience.


  • The quarterly delivery schedule may not cater to those who prefer more frequent updates to their culinary collection.

Bottom Line: Saratoga Olive Oil Co.’s Seasonal Boxes are perfect for those who appreciate a constantly evolving array of gourmet products, combining quality, creativity, and value in every seasonal delivery.

What Are The Reasons To Get an Olive Oil Subscription?

Opting for an olive oil subscription can enhance your culinary experience in several ways:

  1. Diverse Flavors: Subscriptions offer a variety of olive oils, allowing you to explore different tastes and aromas from around the world.
  2. Convenience: Regular deliveries mean you always have quality olive oil on hand, perfect for both everyday cooking and special occasions.
  3. Exclusive Access: Subscribers sometimes receive limited edition oils or specialty blends not available elsewhere.
  4. Educational Insights: Many subscriptions include educational content, deepening your understanding and appreciation of olive oil.
  5. Health Advantages: Olive oil is known for its healthful properties, and subscriptions often focus on high-quality, nutrient-rich oils.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Just as we choose doctors and dentists who use the latest technology for effective health maintenance, it’s equally crucial to choose high-quality ingredients for our diet in order to stay healthy.

Olive oil is celebrated for the many ways it helps with preventive health. It is considered an essential piece of a wholesome diet. So next time a craving strikes, it might be a good idea to indulge!

Heart Health

Rich in monounsaturated fats, olive oil is known for its heart-healthy properties. Its anti-inflammatory properties further contribute to cardiovascular health.

Heart Health
Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash


Olive oil is abundant in antioxidants, which combat oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. The risk of chronic diseases is significantly reduced by these antioxidants, and overall health is improved.

olive oil
Image by Marge Nauer from Pixabay

Weight Management

Contrary to common misconceptions about fats, olive oil can be beneficial in weight management. Its healthy fats promote satiety, helping control appetite and support a balanced diet.

Weight Management
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Cognitive Function

Emerging research suggests that olive oil may also have positive effects on brain health. Its compounds are believed to help slow cognitive decline associated with aging.

Cognitive Function
Image by Kohji Asakawa from Pixabay

The Last Drop

In our guide to the best olive oil subscriptions for 2024, we’ve showcased choices that cater to varied culinary preferences and health needs.

From the freshest picks to the most educational and the best in organic quality, each subscription offers unique benefits. As you ponder your own kitchen and wellness aspirations, consider which subscription will enhance your cooking and support your health goals.

Which of these subscriptions will you choose to enrich your culinary experiences and bring a splash of healthful joy to your meals?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which olive oil is considered the highest quality?

When extra virgin olive oil is unadulterated, it is considered the highest quality olive oil available. Recent studies, however, indicate that some imported Extra virgin olive oils may not meet their label claims and could be mixed with other oils. It’s vital to choose brands with a reputation for purity and transparency.

What is the healthiest olive oil to take daily?

Look for extra virgin olive oils with high polyphenol content (antioxidants), low free fatty acids (indicating quality), and a suitable smoke point for cooking.

Which brand of olive oil is best for eating?

The ideal brand varies based on taste and usage. Opt for brands that emphasize freshness, purity, and transparent sourcing. Trying different oils through subscriptions can help you find your preference.

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