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Get Ready to Flip: Unlock the Ideal Griddle Temp For Pancakes

Did you fire up a new Blackstone Griddle you just got for your birthday, and now you’re wondering how to cook some pancakes on this bad boy?

If your scared to burn your first batch of pancakes in front of your family or want to act like the pro you know you are then let me share with you what and how to set your griddle to the perfect temperature to enjoy those golden brown pancakes.

griddle temp for pancakes

Batter Up:
A Pancake Quest

As someone who has dedicated over 30 years to the culinary world, primarily in high-end restaurants, and with a significant portion of that time focused on crafting high-quality breakfast dishes, I knew that the quest for perfectly cooked pancakes had to be taken seriously.

We set out to unravel the mystery of the ideal griddle temperature for the perfect pancakes, blending cooking tips from my wealth of culinary experience with a dash of family fun.

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Picture this: A sunny Sunday morning in my kitchen, I’m standing at the griddle with my trusty spatula and two pancake-addicted daughters eagerly watching. There’s a sense of excitement in the air as we embark on a pancake-making adventure.

My girls have a passion for mini pancakes that’s nothing short of legendary, and I’ve decided it’s time to settle the score as we vigorously tested tough pancakes, cooking at different temperatures throughout the morning and well into the afternoon.

We also tried some with whipped cream, Chocolate and some with maple syrup. We also tried some really fun pancake recipes, and Let’s say no one complained.

family fun, eating pancakes

Now it’s your turn, so whether you have a non-stick griddle or an outdoor griddle flat top with your cool new Blackstone pancake dispenser making homemade pancakes for Sunday’s big family breakfast, there’s an undeniable sense of fun and anticipation.

Push that toaster oven off the counter and start your morning with a kitchen filled with laughter, flour-dusted aprons, and the aroma of sizzling batter, our pancake journey begins!

Pancake Batter Everywhere: How We Tested Temperatures

pancakes cooking on griddle

This is How I tested for the best temperature to cook pancakes on a griddle with some help from my test buddies:

  • My Extensive Culinary Background: With over 30 years of experience as a chef in high-end restaurants, most focused on crafting high-quality breakfast dishes, I set out to discover the ideal griddle temperature for making perfect pancakes.

  • Trial and Error: I began experimenting with different griddle temperatures, drawing on my extensive culinary expertise to fine-tune the process.

  • Observation: My experienced eye allowed me to carefully assess the outcomes of each batch of pancake mix cooking at varying temperatures, ensuring they met the high standards I’ve upheld throughout my career.

  • Record Keeping: I documented my findings meticulously, making detailed notes on the appearance, texture, and flavor of the perfect pancakes at each temperature, all the while considering my years of experience in the culinary industry.

  • Temperature Range: Leveraging my culinary knowledge, I explored a comprehensive range of temperature settings, from lower to higher, covering the full spectrum to provide a thorough analysis.

  • Sensory Evaluation: My finely tuned palate and culinary intuition played a crucial role in evaluating the Blackstone pancakes, seeking the elusive balance of browning, fluffiness, and taste that I’ve perfected over the years.

  • Quality Control: I made the experiment a fun family activity by collaborating with my pancake-loving daughters, having grown up with my culinary creations and inherited my discerning taste and eye for quality.

  • Adjustments: With the precision I’ve honed through years of professional cooking, I made calculated adjustments to the griddle temperature, fine-tuning it until I achieved the perfect pancakes, reflecting the skill that comes with extensive experience.

  • Eliminating Extremes: My griddle expertise allowed me to recognize and eliminate extreme temperature settings that led to undesirable pancakes, ensuring that only the finest medium heat results were considered.

  • Precision: Through multiple tests and measurements, I narrowed the optimal temperature range to 370°F, consistently producing delightful griddle pancakes, reflecting my commitment to culinary excellence and dedication to the art of breakfast cuisine.

pouring pancake batter on griddle

My journey to find the perfect griddle temperature for pancakes was not just a personal quest but a professional pursuit built upon a rich culinary history, delivering a truly exceptional result.

What Is The Best Griddle Temp For Pancakes?

Pouring Pancake batter, griddle cakes

As any dedicated pancake enthusiast knows, getting the temperature is an art form.

Through numerous trials, I discovered that, much like the story of Goldilocks, there’s a ‘just right’ temperature for pancake nirvana.

We tried various griddle temperatures, from scorching hot to lukewarm, and let me tell you, it wasn’t always a pancake paradise.

At lower griddle temperatures, the pancakes turned out doughy and undercooked in the middle.

Not quite the heavenly breakfast we were aiming for. At higher griddle temperatures, the edges burned while the middle remained raw and gooey, a culinary catastrophe.

The Best Griddle Temp for Pancakes: 370°F

After a fair amount of batter wasted in the name of science and fun (don’t worry, we sacrificed our waistlines and our maple syrup supply, too), we found that 370°F (190°C) is the sweet spot.

It’s the Goldilocks temperature – not too hot, not too cold – for perfect pancakes.

They cook fluffy pancakes to a beautiful golden brown on the outside and maintain a fluffy, tender interior.

So if you care about getting that perfect pancake to impress your family, make sure you set that griddle to 370 Degrees

Setting the Perfect Temperature: Even Without a Thermometer

griddle temp for pancakes

You might wonder how to achieve that magic 370 degrees on your griddle. Not everyone has a fancy kitchen thermometer.

Don’t worry; you’re not alone. If your griddle has a temperature dial, here’s a pro tip: set it right under that trusty 375 mark. It’s as close to pancake perfection as you can get.

How Do You Cook Pancakes on a Gas or Electric Griddle?

bacon and pancakes on griddle

Now that you know the secret to the best griddle temperature for pancakes, you’re just moments away from enjoying a stack of fluffy, golden-brown goodness. Here’s a simple recipe to get you started:

How to Check the Temperature and Test It

2 young girls eating pancakes

If you’re still uncertain about your griddle’s temperature, here’s a quick check.

Drop a tiny bit of pancake batter onto the griddle. It should sizzle gently without splattering everywhere. That’s your green light for pancake perfection.

A Perfect Pancake Recipe for You

2 young girls eating pancakes

Perfect griddle pancakes and delicious breakfast are right around the corner.

You know how to cook pancakes. You have your griddle surface at medium heat, and now you’re ready for a quick and easy pancake mix the whole family will enjoy

2 young girls eating pancakes


  • 1 cup all-purpose flour

  • 2 tablespoons sugar

  • 1 teaspoon baking powder

  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda

  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

  • 3/4 cup buttermilk

  • 1/4 cup milk

  • 1 large egg

  • 2 tablespoons melted butter

  • Cooking spray or additional melted butter for the griddle


  1. Preheat your griddle to 370°F (190°C).

  2. In a large bowl, whisk together your dry ingredients: flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.

  3. In separate bowls, whisk together the wet ingredients: buttermilk, milk, eggs, and melted butter.

  4. Combine the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients until just mixed. It’s okay if there are a few lumps.

  5. Lightly grease the cast iron griddle with cooking spray or melted butter.

  6. Pour 1/4 cup portions of the pancake batter onto the griddle.

  7. Cook pancakes until bubbles form on the surface of the batter, then flip and cook until golden brown on the other side.

Why You’ll Love Cooking Pancakes on the Griddle

blueberry pancakes

Cooking pancakes on the griddle isn’t just about breakfast; it’s about creating moments and memories that will leave you with a smile as warm as the pancakes.

1. It’s a Pancake Party:

mini pancake variety

When you pour that first ladle of batter onto the sizzling griddle, you’ll feel the excitement.

The kitchen comes alive with the delightful sizzle and the sweet aroma of freshly cooked pancakes.

It’s like hosting a mini pancake party in your own home, and who doesn’t love a good party?

2. Flipping Magic:

flipping pancakes

There’s something oddly satisfying about the art of flipping a pancake.

That sense of accomplishment when you flip it just right, or even if you land a pancake on the ceiling (don’t worry, it’s happened to the best of us).

Each flip is like a mini culinary triumph, and it’s pure, unadulterated fun.

3. Creative Canvas:

banana walnut pancakes

The griddle is your canvas, and the pancake batter your palette.

You can get as creative as you like.

Add chocolate chips, blueberries, or even a swirl of cinnamon – a chance to express your culinary artistry and make each pancake your masterpiece.

4. Instant Gratification:

girl smiling about to eat pancakes

Pancakes are one of the fastest comfort foods you can whip up.

The near-instant gratification of having a stack of piping hot, golden-brown pancakes in front of you is like a culinary warm hug.

It’s comfort food that doesn’t take hours to prepare.

5. Family Bonding:

2 young girls eating pancakes

If you’ve got a family, young or old, there’s no better way to bond than over a pancake breakfast.

The joy of cooking and sharing pancakes with your loved ones is an experience that creates lasting memories.

You can recount tales of your favorite pancake recipe and flips and create a tradition that will bring everyone together.

6. Versatility:

raspberry and almond pancakes

Pancakes aren’t just for breakfast. If you’re a big fan of flat top blackstone pancakes they can be a canvas for any meal – from savory to sweet.

Feeling like breakfast for dinner?

Pancakes have you covered. In the mood for a sweet treat in the middle of the day?

Electric griddle or Blackstone Pancakes are there for you.

7. The Perfect Temperature:

griddle cakes cooking on griddle

Thanks to your culinary experience, you’ve discovered the precise low heat or medium heat for your batter that makes every pancake perfect.

So, why will you love cooking pancakes on the griddle?

Because it’s the joyful, creative, and heartwarming experience of making pancakes that brings people together over fluffy stacks of happiness.

It’s not just cooking; it’s making memories and filling hearts. And that, my friend, is why cooking pancakes on the griddle is simply irresistible.

Conclusion: Flip for 370°F Pancake Perfection

melted button and syrup on stack of pancakes

In the world of pancakes, where art and science combine, 370°F (190°C) reigns supreme as the best griddle temperature.

It’s the Goldilocks zone for pancake lovers, offering a perfect balance of golden-brown deliciousness and fluffy goodness.

Now that you’re armed with the pancake knowledge and a good recipe, you need to get ready to flip, cook, and enjoy the best pancakes of your life.

So go forth, pancake enthusiast, and conquer the griddle with confidence and a touch of whimsy! Remember, the perfect pancake is just a flip away.

FAQ and Additional Information

How do I know when it’s time to Flip my Pancakes?

Knowing when to flip your homemade pancakes is crucial to achieving that perfect golden-brown finish on both sides while maintaining a fluffy interior.

Here’s how you can tell when it’s time to flip pancakes:

1. Bubbles on the Surface:

bubbly pancakes

As the pancake mix cooks, you’ll notice bubbles forming on the surface.

These bubbles are a good indicator that the underside is cooking and setting.

Wait until the bubbles start to pop or become less active, leaving small holes in the surface.

This signifies that the bottom is sufficiently cooked, and it’s time to flip.

2. Set Edges:

Pay attention to the edges of the pancake. The edges will look slightly firmer and more set than the center.

Gently lift a pancake corner from the griddle surface with your spatula and peek underneath.

If the bottom is golden brown and looks cooked, it’s ready to flip.

3. Cooking Time:

On average, griddle pancakes take 2-3 minutes on the first side and 1-2 minutes on the second side.

These times can vary depending on your electric griddle temperature and pancake thickness.

After the initial 2-3 minutes, it’s a good idea to check the underside of the pancake and decide if it’s ready to flip pancakes based on its color and texture.

4. Smell:

The aroma when pancakes cook can also be an indicator.

When you notice a delicious, cooked pancake batter smell in the air, it’s a sign that the pancake is likely ready to be flipped.

Your sense of smell can be surprisingly accurate.

5. Color:

Look for a golden-brown color on the underside of the pancake.

When it reaches the level of medium heat browning that you desire on your batter, it’s time to flip. The color can be a visual clue that the pancake is cooking evenly.

Remember that the first side of the pancake typically takes a bit longer to cook than the second side, so be patient.

Once you’ve determined that it’s time to flip, gently slide a spatula under the pancake and flip it over with a swift but careful motion.

From there, you’ll finish cooking the pancakes and cook the other side until it’s also golden brown and almost the color of fried rice.

With a little practice, you’ll become adept at judging the perfect time to flip your cast iron blackstone pancakes and achieve consistent, mouthwatering delicious breakfast.

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