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The Reencle Composter: Turning Food Waste To Finished Compost With Speed and Efficiency

The Reencle Home Electric Composter. It’s not just any gadget; it’s the silent, hardworking hero of my kitchen, tackling the banana peels and eggshells of today to nurture the basil and tomatoes of tomorrow. Here is where you will find a real honest open Reencle review from an executive chef with a penchant for fresh ingredients and a big believer in the farm-to-table movement, my kitchen sees more peels, scraps, and leftovers than you’d believe.

reencle review

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I love composting; I love everything about it, from the fact we are not wasting any extra table scraps or food that you would typically throw in the garbage, like banana peels or orange rinds.

When I found out I no longer needed an old can in the corner of my kitchen where my coffee grounds and eggshells would start to cultivate a wild smell, I jumped right into electric kitchen composters. Also, not having to trek outside to throw my small collection into my outside compost pile bin has been the biggest game changer of them all.

Now, I have tested quite a few composters in my kitchen, but none have caught my eyes, my heart, and, let’s say, my nose like the Reencle home composter. With top competitors like the Lomi keeping Reencle on its toes, it’s clear, at least in my eyes and my kitchen, that Reencle is the one you want if you want an Odor-Less, Silent beast of a machine for all your kitchen waste.

One thing that clearly stands out with a Reencle home composter customer is their love for continuous composting. It is the only advanced composter out right now that allows you to lift the lid, add a few more kitchen scraps, and keep on going.

Now, let’s get right into the review so you can be on your way with all the knowledge you need to steer you in the right direction when it comes to the best kitchen composters. Composting is growing in popularity every day, and a well-broken-down mix for your potted plants on your window sill is the goal.

Reencle Review: Not Just For Coffee Grounds

Reencle composter

So, why am I focusing on the Reencle? It promises to revolutionize how we handle food scraps, turning them into nutrient-rich compost mix faster than you can say “sustainable living.”

From its sleek design, which we see in every home composter customer photo, to its carbon filters odor-busting powers, I’ve put the Reencle Composter through its paces, day in and day out, to see if it lives up to the hype and whether it can truly stand above the rest in the bustling market of at-home composters.

Why an At-Home Electric Composter?

putting compost in potted planted

In the quest to reduce our environmental footprint, managing kitchen waste is a hot topic. Traditional composting is great, but not everyone has the space, time, or nose for an outdoor compost heap or trying to figure out how to install an external carbon filter.

This is where the magic of at-home electric composters comes in, offering a clean, efficient, and odor-free solution to turn our everyday food waste into something valuable for our gardens in turn growing the most incredible raw vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

Why Consider an Electric Composter?

showing family how to compost
  • Space-Saving: For those of us with cozy kitchens or without a backyard, these compact units are a godsend.

  • Speed: They turn scraps into compost much faster than traditional methods, some in as little as 24 hours.

  • Odor Control: Say goodbye to the worry of attracting pests or dealing with unpleasant smells in your kitchen.

  • Convenience: They’re simple to use. No turning piles or monitoring moisture levels. Just add your scraps and let the machine do its thing.

In my kitchen, where preparing fresh meals is a daily ritual, the volume of peels, cores, and leftovers can pile up quickly.

Not to mention, teaching my little ones about sustainability has made minimizing food waste a family affair. An electric composter fits seamlessly into our lifestyle, making it an essential tool in our eco-friendly kitchen arsenal.

What Makes a Good At-Home Composter?

how composting works

Not all composters are created equal, and through my culinary journey, I’ve identified a few key features that stand out when selecting the perfect at-home electric composter:

  • Efficiency: How quickly and effectively does it turn food waste into compost?

  • Capacity: Can it handle the volume of waste produced by your household?

  • Odor Control: Does it keep the composting process smell-free?

  • Ease of Use: Is it user-friendly, especially for busy kitchens or families with kids?

  • Environmental Impact: Does it operate efficiently without using too much energy?

The Reencle Composter: First Impressions

Reencle in action

When the Reencle Home Electric Composter first arrived in my kitchen, it felt like unboxing the future of food waste management.

Its sleek design meant it didn’t just blend in with my other appliances; it stood out, promising to be more than just a gadget—it was a solution. This thing looks so cool on my countertop and I can’t wait to show it off.

Design and Build Quality

compost in Reencle

The Reencle boasts a compact and modern design that speaks to any kitchen aesthetic—important for a device that will be a permanent fixture on your countertop as you try to describe to your friends and family the power of the aerobic composting process.

Its sturdy build quality also reassured me that this wasn’t just another throwaway appliance; it was built to last.

Initial Setup and Ease of Use

how the reencle works

Setting up the Reencle was a breeze. Following the user-friendly manual’s simple steps, it was ready to go in minutes.

I love how simple the instructions were when setting up the micro organisms to start the composting process

The interface is intuitive, making it easy for anyone in the family to use—from my little helpers eager to contribute their banana peels to my tech-savvy sous-chefs keeping the kitchen running smoothly.

Key Features and Benefits

Rapid Composting Technology

how advance aero composting works

The Reencle uses advanced aerobic composting technology, turning food scraps into compost at a speed that traditional composting can’t match. This feature is a game-changer, especially in a fast-paced kitchen where efficiency is key.

Odor Neutralization

smelling trash can

One of my initial concerns was the potential smell. However, the Reencle impressed me with its effective odor control system. Even with a steady stream of food scraps, there was no hint of unpleasant odors even with lifting the lid to add in a little bit more, making it a welcome addition to my indoor kitchen environment.

Large Capacity

large capacity reencle

Despite its compact design, the Reencle’s capacity is generous enough to handle the daily waste of a busy kitchen. This means less frequent emptying and more time focusing on what I love—creating delicious meals.

Energy Efficiency

energy efficient

In an era where every watt counts, the Reencle’s energy efficiency is a standout feature. It’s designed to operate on minimal energy, aligning with my goal to maintain a sustainable, eco-friendly kitchen.

Ease of Maintenance

reencle in kitchen

Maintenance is often the Achilles’ heel of kitchen gadgets, but not so with the Reencle. Its straightforward cleaning process and self-contained composting system make it as low-maintenance as it is high-performance.

The Big Test: The Real Reencle Review

Putting the Reencle Composter through its paces meant integrating it into the daily rhythm of my kitchen. This wasn’t just about tossing in a few scraps here and there; it was a full-on, all-hands-on-deck kitchen experiment. From fruit peels and vegetable scraps to coffee grounds and eggshells, we threw the gamut of compostable kitchen waste at it to see how it would perform.

Daily Use

kitchen with and without composters

The true test of any kitchen appliance is not how it handles the occasional task, but how it stands up to daily use. The Reencle became a central part of our kitchen routine. Each day, it effortlessly processed a variety of food scraps from meal prep, demonstrating not just its versatility but its indispensable role in our waste-reduction efforts.

  • Variety of Waste: It handled everything from softer food scraps like banana peels and avocado skins to harder items like small bones and fruit pits, showcasing its robust composting capabilities.

  • Operation Noise: Remarkably quiet, the Reencle operates in the background without disrupting the kitchen’s ambiance—a big plus during those early morning breakfast preps or late-night snack times.

Efficiency Test

cycle of composting

The efficiency of the Reencle is one of its most lauded features. To test this, we noted the volume of food waste input and the time taken to convert it into compost.

  • Speed of Composting: True to its claims, the Reencle transformed our kitchen waste into compost in just 24 to 48 hours, a significant improvement over traditional composting methods that can take weeks or even months.

  • Quality of Output: The resulting compost was of high quality, rich and ready to be added to our garden, contributing to the health of our plants and reducing our household waste.

Odor Control

compost in potted plants

Odor control was a critical aspect of our testing, given the indoor nature of the appliance.

  • Odor Management: Throughout the testing period, the Reencle’s odor neutralization system proved effective. Even with continuous use, there was no detectable smell, making it a pleasant companion in the kitchen.

Pros and Cons

compost and food scraps

Based on our comprehensive testing, here are the key pros and cons of the Reencle Home Electric Composter:


  • High Efficiency: Converts food scraps into compost quickly and effectively.

  • Superior Odor Control: Keeps the kitchen smelling fresh, without any hint of composting in progress.

  • User-Friendly: Intuitive design and operation make it accessible for all family members.

  • Environmental Benefits: Reduces kitchen waste and contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle with minimal energy use.

  • Large Capacity: Accommodates the daily food waste of a typical household with ease.


  • Initial Cost: The upfront investment may be higher than traditional composting setups, though the long-term savings and benefits can offset this.

  • Size: While compact, it requires a dedicated space in the kitchen, which may be a consideration for those with very limited counter space.

Final Thoughts: The Reencle Composter Stands Above the Rest

Reencle electric home composter

After putting the Reencle to the test in a real-world, kitchen environment, it’s clear that this is not just another appliance—it’s a revolution in food waste management.

Its efficiency, ease of use, and contribution to a sustainable lifestyle make it an invaluable tool for any eco-conscious household.

The Reencle stands above the rest for its ability to integrate seamlessly into the daily flow of kitchen life, turning waste into worth without fuss or foul smells.

Whether you’re a culinary professional or a home cook passionate about sustainability, the Reencle Home Electric Composter offers a practical, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution to managing kitchen waste.

For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, support their garden, and lead a more sustainable life, the Reencle is a worthwhile investment.

It simplifies composting and elevates it, making it an accessible and appealing practice for everyone.

FAQ and Additional Information:

How much energy does Reencle use?

The Reencle composter is designed with energy efficiency in mind. According to the product specifications provided by Reencle, the device consumes approximately 0.8 to 1 kWh (kilowatt-hour) per day in its operation.

This is relatively low energy consumption, especially when considering the continuous process of composting food waste it performs.

This efficiency makes it an eco-friendly choice for households looking to minimize their environmental impact while managing their food scraps effectively.

Are composting machines worth it?

Composting machines, particularly electric composters like the Reencle, are worth it for several reasons, especially if you’re looking to manage kitchen waste sustainably without the hassle of traditional composting methods.

They offer a fast, efficient, and odorless way to convert food scraps into nutrient-rich compost, which can be used to enrich soil in gardens. For those with limited outdoor space, busy lifestyles, or a desire to reduce their environmental footprint, these devices provide a practical solution.

They help in reducing landfill waste, lowering greenhouse gas emissions associated with organic waste decomposition, and fostering a cycle of sustainability in the kitchen.

While the initial investment may be higher than conventional composting setups, the convenience, efficiency, and environmental benefits they deliver often justify the cost for many users.

Who owns Reencle company?

Hanmi Flexible Co., Ltd. Reencle is known as a brand specializing in the development and sale of innovative home composting solutions, including electric composters designed to efficiently recycle food waste into compost.

The company is part of the growing industry focused on sustainability and eco-friendly products. For the most current and detailed information regarding the ownership of Reencle, it would be best to consult official sources or company reports directly.

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