My name is Cory

I have been an Executive Chef for 25+ Years.

I’ve had the luxury of working in some of the finest kitchens with the highest quality professional equipment.
I can cook all day and not worry about washing dishes.
I can use something to the point where it snaps in half, gets scratched up, burnt, or broken. It can all be easily Replaced.
At home, we don’t have these luxuries. Instead, we like to spend a lot of money trying to buy high-quality products only to find them broken or not working correctly after a few Uses.
I found myself in a weird spot where I would work 12 hours a day in the kitchen. Still, when it came time to cook for my family at home or make my kids some pancakes, I became frustrated with the lack of quality Tools, utensils, equipment, and appliances available to the Everyday Consumer.
I was going through whisks like they were disposable. I was trying every can opener under the sun. That’s when I realized that if I’m a Chef and consider myself a Pro, how are the Everyday Home Cooks Dealing with this? Do they not even Know? Do they Care as Much?

… and So it Began!

My Journey into the Deep Research and my Promise to Share with You the Truth about what You Need and What is an Actual Waste of Money. I have Developed my System for How I review Products. I will Find the Exact Tools that are Right for You for the Job you are Executing.

Get set for an exciting culinary adventure! Sit back and enjoy Personal Recipes, Honest Product Reviews, and Educational Articles. Let’s cook up some fun!

Check Out My Favorite Products I use at Home.

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